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first time in 10 years


that we don’t have a crib up in our home. we did it.
we put her in her toddler bed.
this toddler bed was made by my father in law.
this bed is super sturdy and has survived
and now she gets it.
we anticipated a hard transition, but she’s handled it pretty well and she even managed to take a nap or two in it as well.
boys vs girls : totally different breed

and my seducing skills paid off. we finally painted the boys room. i wanted to go darker but husband was like “it’ll look better a lighter tan” i kept trying to seduce him into a darker paint but i guess my skills weren’t that good. the boys kept asking why we were painting the walls white. HA. he thinks i paid them to say that. maybe i’ll pay them just because…

even now as i’m typing this he’s looking over my shoulder and saying “ugh. that’s a horrible picture, you can’t see the true color of the tan walls.”

we’ll live just fine with the darker shade of white for a while. i do admit that their room looks a bazillion times better than what it was before.

i’m still working on their room. i’ve neglected it till now. i don’t really know how to decorate a boys room. it’s super…ah…EXCITING with all the decor don’t you think? i’m in the hunt of the perfect poster so i can frame it. and then i think that’s it for their room.

we also minimized their “stuff” remember the whole get rid of your crap motto? i do it every month with the boys room. they seem to think that rocks and dirt with an occasional lizard thrown into the mix need to be brought into the house. the husband is working on getting a “rock garden” going just for them to keep the “nature” outside of our house. i think we’ve convinced them (especially after they tragically killed the last lizard…probably scared it to death) that their nightstand drawer was not to be used as a holding cell for any more live animals…

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