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vintage pattern


i got this pattern yesterday. thought about making it into a dress but seriously look how short those things are…i mean can we say HUSSY? anywho, i decided to make it into a shirt. and i really like it a lot so i think i’ll make the hussy dress a little longer but not as long as the one on the far right.

i used the fabric i had left over from the little one’s quilt i made last summer…

i think it turned out so light and spring-y. i love it.

and i think she does too. now if the dang weather would just cooperate so we could wear it outside…

oh and have you seen this?

Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts: An A-to-Z Guide with Detailed Instructions and Endless Inspiration i nearly peed my pants when i saw it.
i just bought a few books so i can’t just go out and buy this one. BUT my friend who everyone thinks we’re related because we kind of look alike bought it…so i’ve already got first dibs on borrowing her book while i muscle up a little more money to get my own!