blame it on the salsa sewing

last week i ran into a couple of my friends in our grocery store who were getting the final ingredients to make salsa with the tomatoes that they had grown. “we have a LOT!” i mentioned they better share their wealth. then i was on the phone with another friend another day and i asked […]

what i made with that $2 skirt

a dress for her. i love to repurpose sheets and table cloths, you know that. so when i found that $2 skirt i had sort of an idea that i could do something with it. a.) i could take it in and make it fit me. b.) i could make something else out of it. […]

oh martha and a mini make over

i have in my possession the book: and i have come to two conclusions: a) martha is in hoots with the devil himself or b) she has an awesome eye for things and has a huge team that she single handed picked out to work out her ideas and have them come up with ideas […]

vintage pattern

i got this pattern yesterday. thought about making it into a dress but seriously look how short those things are…i mean can we say HU–SSY? anywho, i decided to make it into a shirt. and i really like it a lot so i think i’ll make the hussy dress a little longer but not as […]

what i’m crushing on right now

i’m so in love with cath kidston. it all started when i ordered Cath Kidston’s In Print: Brilliant Ideas for Using Vintage Fabrics in Your Home from amazon so of course i had to get the catalog for her stuff. and the pictures are so inspiring even in her catalog. i just adore the cute […]

i’m obsessed

yeah you would think this picture is from a magazine. it’s not. it’s my good friend’s house who just happens to be an AWESOME decorator, but even better, she’s pretty rockin‘ with man tools. she made this hutch by HERSELF. she’s the one who helped me with my little one’s wood kitchen. the woman is […]

things i want to try from blogland…

one thing that blogging has brought into my life (besides some great blogging friends) is some great inspiration, here are a few that i really can’t stop thinking about: camille’s chair makes me want to go out and just do the re-upholstering thing…this was her FIRST attempt. can you believe that? my wonderful friend larissa […]

inspirational tutorials

you know i’m all about tutorials and when i find them i bookmark them so that i can attempt to recreate or make something of my own using bits and pieces of information…here are a few that i think are note worthy: *so in love with this skirt tutorial …by whip up *this simple yet […]

on a painting fix

i made these yesturday for my bedroom…did i mention i’m slowly working on transforming my room? well i am, and i’m loving nature inspired things. i know that’s probably soo 3 years ago, but i’ve had the same look going throughout my house for 10 and a half years. i think it’s time for a […]

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