blame it on the salsa sewing


last week i ran into a couple of my friends in our grocery store who were getting the final ingredients to make salsa with the tomatoes that they had grown.
“we have a LOT!” i mentioned they better share their wealth.
then i was on the phone with another friend another day and i asked her “what’s the plan for the day?” she answered “I’M MAKING SALSA!”
that’s when i got a little mad at myself for not planting salsa making ingredients. i guess there’s always next year.
as i walked past my super unorganized fabric shelf (on the list to be organized…sometime this week if i’m motivated if i have time) i noticed my reds, greens, and yellows. mmmmm…those look like salsa.
and hence my own homemade tomato was born.
and then….
i saw my oranges….

well what do you know? tomatoes made a little bigger look really cute as pumpkins.

talk about a slippery slope of events.

yes, before you ask. tutorial in the works, so you all can make your own home made garden fresh harvest.