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yeah you would think this picture is from a magazine. it’s not. it’s my good friend’s house who just happens to be an AWESOME decorator, but even better, she’s pretty rockin‘ with man tools. she made this hutch by HERSELF. she’s the one who helped me with my little one’s wood kitchen. the woman is pretty much the shiz in my book and she inspires me every time we talk.(btw totally want to steal that bench…but that’s totally against my religion. if it weren’t, that bench would be sitting pretty in my house as of a long time ago and i would totally hide it when she were to come over). her whole house is amazing but i wanted to highlight the “white’s” in her house. i’m obsessed with white. i love it in magazines and i love it in person. of course i always throw in some color to mess up the whole white scheme but that’s just my spicy hispanic side coming through. i’m in the process of adding more “light” and “white” into our home. so naturally i turned to my fabulous friend for inspiration. after taking pictures i came home and started working. i’m still in the middle of it but get ready to see what i’ve done with my inspiration!

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