in the works


have i been working on:



C)being sick

D)a tutorial

E)trying to be a good mom and wife by cooking every darn night

F)getting my part of the stupid taxes done

E)all of the above

E. would be the correct answer. but see this is how i roll. i put a bazillion things on my plate and get about half of the things done. this year i’ve been trying to start and finish one thing at a time…i’m royally screwing up. so i’m really trying hard to finish this list before i start yet another list. see baby steps.
*”we’ve” (the little one likes to think she’s part of this)been organizing. every monday i have put it upon myself to do one organizing project while the boys are at school. it can be huge or small. but by golly i will reclaim my organized life once again…i feel like we’ve been rolling in un-organization for too long. so i am instilling what i used to do and pick one day out of the week where i organize one thing. this week it was my fabric area (the one you can see, not the monster of a disaster in my closet…that’s for another day.)
*i’ve been sick. so i’m in the works of trying to get better. (coincidentally, my rice bag feet warmer/neck de-crinker works awesome for sinus infections! it’s been on my face constantly for the past two days and has dislodged…well i’ll spare details)
*i’ve been painting…not anything huge but it’s white and i’ll show you next week
*and i’ve been busting my butt cooking. this one has to be the hardest for me. but the husband and kids are not complaining (well the kids are but the husband is not) and it’s been good for me to move out of my comfort zone of the 5 dishes i KNOW how to cook without a recipe and actually use a cookbook. oh and cooking sometimes means calling in a pizza.
*i’m also in the works of a new tutorial. so you’ll want to come back on tomorrow for sure.
come back

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