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blowing out eggs for spring


spring means decorating with eggs.and my friend that every one thinks we’re related because we kind of look alike has chickens. and one of her chickens has decided that it likes to lay 1 sort of blueish colored egg every day. (you can’t tell from the pics as well but they are blueish i swear) so this friend decided to keep the blueish looking eggs and blow out the yolk so that she could put them in a hurricane for easy decorating using nature for the season. i of course thought that was super cool and wanted to do it as well. here are my first two eggs of more to come as the days pass by.

first i poked a hole on either side of the egg. make sure it’s a little bigger on the side you are trying to blow out the stuff from. yolk is not as watery as you think! (so i have figured out through this little process)

next blow out the yoke. see now, this sounds easy in theory, but really it’s not. i’m just saying, when you start feeling light headed and like your belly button is about to pop out…you know you’re working it. this so was the case for me. my husband of course walked in as i was trying my darnedest to get the crap out of the egg only to chuckle and say “let me show you how it’s done.”

gladly i obliged so i could take a moment to push back in my egg blowing hernia.

so here’s your next step: look totally incompetent so that the man of the house wants to “save” you and let him turn all blue in the face and light headed.
we did find out that if the egg is room temp,if you poke the yoke a few times during the process it’s a lot less hernia making.

they sure are going to look pretty when i have a bunch! i can’t believe my husband has to blow out like 10 more of these babies. thank heavens the chicken only lays one blueish egg every day. otherwise i don’t think the husband would be able to do it.

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