things i want to try from blogland…


one thing that blogging has brought into my life (besides some great blogging friends) is some great inspiration, here are a few that i really can’t stop thinking about: camille’s chair makes me want to go out and just do the re-upholstering thing…this was her FIRST attempt. can you believe that?

my wonderful friend larissa made this apron and i think the colors are just fabulous and makes me so excited for spring.

my wonderful friend mel’s family tree has got to be the cutest family tree i’ve ever laid eyes on. she has a tutorial on how to make one.

this super yummy chocolate butter cake from the farm chicks looks to die for…tell me that wouldn’t take away the monthly crankies.

this awesome quilt that moda lissa is making is so fresh and lovely…oh i really can’t wait to try it.

there are so many (and not just the one’s i’ve mentioned) wonderfully talented women out there that just keep amazing me, and keep making me want to try new things!

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