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usually i have no problem with a title and well i guess there’s a first for everything… presidents day was really low key for us. with all the kids home and the husband (no longer GI Joe husband…i’ll have to come up with something witty) not starting up work till next week…we pretty much just hung out and did “stuff”. we started the day with fresh fruit, my organic eating mom would be so darn proud. of course we ended the day with chili cheese hot dogs, but with the fruit it all gets canceled out right? just like how when you go to McDonald’s and get a big mac and the extra large fries…and you get the DIET COKE it all works out…

i started on a new project… oh i really can’t wait to show you what i’m working on but that will have to wait! i think it’ll be super cute

i also finished up some stuff for etsy… thank you etsy shoppers!

also because i start hyperventilating every time i think about re-upholstering anything big, i thought i would start with this…i can’t wait to finish what i started today…

the little one loves to be on my lap when i sew and to be right there as i cut and create things. i can only hope that she will continue to be so “into” what mommy likes to do as she is now. i can just see us sewing together and have her tell me “mom, that was cool like 10 years ago…try this”

i’m really good at vocals…no really i am! and i’m smokin‘ on the drums on easy… husband thinks he’s all cool cause he can do “hard” on guitar, drums and vocals…whatever

and finally after the kids went to bed, this is what i missed the most when he was gone…hanging with the husband watching Robot Chicken: Star Wars and my new favorite show “Chuck”. we’re still watching the first season, and recording what ever season is on now (i think it’s only on it’s second season?), and surely we’ll catch up sooner or later. what’d you do?