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is it spring yet?


maybe if i keep making springy sort of things for myself it will speed up the process…

love this new bag i made for myself. i had bought the rings to make it around december, with the intentions of making this bag a while ago. but i’m glad i waited till now because i think the color of this bag makes me happy.

(btw it’s hard to take that close of a picture of yourself without looking weird doing it, but the man that was formerly known as GI Joe husband refused to take any more pictures for the blog because i was too…”specific” and “picky” and sometimes “mean”…and he didn’t want the job of assistant to the blogger unless he got paid. he said he didn’t deserve to work under those conditions and abuse… whatever…i think he liked it) mom if you are reading this…i’m kidding (sort of)…just wanted you to know that.