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on a painting fix


i made these yesturday for my bedroom…did i mention i’m slowly working on transforming my room? well i am, and i’m loving nature inspired things. i know that’s probably soo 3 years ago, but i’ve had the same look going throughout my house for 10 and a half years. i think it’s time for a little change here and there. not major just minor things…

i’m thinking, that there might be a slight possiblity that i might try to paint my boys’ room. but that’s a big fat maybe seeing that i have 4 of them usually running around my ankles and if there’s paint involved…watch out! but if i get my act together and plan a little i might be able to do it while they are in school or when they sleep in the living room in sleeping bags on friday night (it’s turned into a tradition now) so yeah…a big fat maybe.

i’m not quite sure what look i’m going for yet, i just know the paint color on the walls. after the paint goes up i think i’ll be able to see things better. mainly i want a place for them to sleep, read, play with some toys, but most importantly, i want it to be clutter free. 1. Kids room theme:, 2. Army Men Kids Room Theme, 3. Domino Design Project Kid’s Room, 4. Boy’s bedroom, 5. bunk beds, 6. Pottery Barn Rugs, 7. pottery_barn_kids_rooms2, 8. sport theme, 9. Carson’s Big Boy Bed, 10. hookey1, 11. Boys room, 12. wyatt’s new big boy bed