what i made with that $2 skirt


a dress for her.

i love to repurpose sheets and table cloths, you know that. so when i found that $2 skirt i had sort of an idea that i could do something with it.

a.) i could take it in and make it fit me.
b.) i could make something else out of it.

okay so i already have a black and white skirt so the first option wouldn’t be the best choice.
but then i remembered that i had just stumbled across this awesome blog

that repurposed a man’s shirt into a little girl’s dress.

so i contacted dana asked her if i could use a picture and to link back to her. we got to emailing back and forth and swapping pictures of projects to come, we chatted quite a bit and what i came back from our emails is this:

not only is she INSANELY TALENTED.
her photography is AWESOME.
her tutorials are AWESOME.
her shop is AWESOME.
her kids are SUPER CUTE…
AND…not only is she amazing…she’s super nice!
so Dana, thanks for being such an inspiration to me (and to so many others!!) thank you for helping me think outside the box so that i could make this dress out of a $2 skirt.

i’m finishing the final instructions on how to make this dress. i should have it up in the next couple of days.