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very good thrifting day and keeping it real


this summer i wasn’t able to go on my weekly thrift store run.

a) i don’t have the greatest track record when i take all 4 kids someplace on my own

b) i’d end up having to fight against a lot of questionable toys making their way home with us

so when i got to go for the first time in a LONG time with just one kid…

i found some super sweet finds!

love this fabric! don’t you think a lovely fall skirt is in order? oh yes i think so.

this skirt i found is too big for me…
but with this price i couldn’t let it go and i loved the black and whit polka dots!

so i’ve got an idea.

i think i’ll start on it today and cross my fingers that it works.

i also found this vinyl table cloth LOVE THE COLOR! the red pillow i have on my porch are made from a clearance table cloth…they are pretty beat up but am planning to make more for next summer…this table cloth will be made into patio pillows for my back yard. yummy!

now this next picture was a result to someones email or comment. it went along the lines of “how do you keep your house so clean all the time. i feel so inadequate compared to you, seriously you must be on crack.”

just kidding she didn’t say crack. she said speed.

so here’s the truth:

we make messes all day long.

yes i like to organize, and i don’t mind cleaning.

but we’re a family who live in a house where i take pictures in. we’re not a stage house.

we live in our house, which means, we make dirty dishes, we make dirty laundry, and gosh darn it we make skid marks in the toilets sometimes. i have three boys who claim to be potty trained yet they still manage to not aim well and miss the toilet. as a matter of fact two days ago, my five year old came out of the bathroom all proud announcing to my friend and i “MOM! i did it with no hands!” (meaning he peed with no hands…oh heaven help us) no my house isn’t always CLEAN by any means.

so yes i have a schedule of cleaning the house, i like to try stick to it. i also like to have places for things. i like to clean up after every meal, and yes i make the boys help clean up their rooms every night (and not to mention the bathrooms on a regular basis!). my house is probably the nicest to look at when the boys are at school and at 9:30 pm after the dish washer has been turned on and the floors have been mopped (after they’ve been licked by the dog), toys have been put in the right places and laundry has been put away (with a load dauntingly waiting in the dryer and another one already going in the washer…i hate laundry). one thing is for sure, i like to start the next morning in a nicely put away house, just so i can have boys pee without using hands and be able to clean up the messes as we go.

and there you have it: we’re a messy normal family, i’m a mom of 4 who sometimes gets frazzled that i AM a mom of four, so i make fun of it and laugh about it cause that’s funner than crying about it (but cry sometimes about it too), and we have skid marks in our toilets more often than not.

have a great weekend, i’m off to sew something in between cleaning up messes.

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