V and Co: back to organizing 101

last snow day I spent separating, sorting and organizing a lot of pink stuff  We here in the midwest have been having a doozy of a winter. With frigid cold days, icy roads, and blizzard like conditions due to windy stormy snowy days…there have been more snow days and late starts in january alone than […]

V and Co: i miss my sewing machine…but…

 i haven’t touched my sewing machine for over a week. maybe it’s been almost two. sigh. i really miss it. i have been thinking of a butt load of fun things to make…and yet…no sewing and no crafting has happened. no, instead i find myself traveling in the car to and from concert band, jazz […]

V and Co: my new sewing space

 as i have mentioned before. i went from not having a sewing room to having a sewing room to not having a sewing room all within years time. our first home didn’t have an extra room for me to have so i sewed in my kitchen area. i also kept my fabric in my kitchen […]

get the crap out of my house party

well did you do it? did you gain a little more control on the clutter and crap? this last week the kids and i tackled their closets, drawers, toys, and “treasure” drawers. this time i want to talk about how to get the kids to help. one way to get my kids to help with […]

get the crap out of my house challenge

alrighty. you have spoken so we are going to do a link party this friday and you can link up your progress or your success story. here are the official rules: here’s the post that started it all **starting friday you can link up to the post where you talk about with a picture of […]

first step to organizing and cleaning your home

so i don’t care if you have never been in the game or if you are trying to get back in the game (as i am) or have never left the game and are interested in hearing other ideas (and sharing your own!). i have this organizing/cleaning schedule that works for me and my family. […]

very good thrifting day and keeping it real

this summer i wasn’t able to go on my weekly thrift store run. a) i don’t have the greatest track record when i take all 4 kids someplace on my own b) i’d end up having to fight against a lot of questionable toys making their way home with us so when i got to […]

organizing 101: getting your kids to help

i did an organizing 101 of “where do i begin” read it here. this time i want to talk about how to get the kids to help. to help with the whole process of chores we use the token system in our house. granted we’ve modified it as the year has progressed. certain things are […]

organizing 101

Where Do I Begin? in the past 7 years, i’ve helped people organize their houses. first thing most people want to do is go out and buy all new containers and storage bins…i tell them to hold on to their britches cause we aren’t at that point yet. first, we are going to go and […]

a before and after

remeber last week i said i was painting and organizing? (and failing to file my taxes) this is what i did last week: have you ever noticed that i try to strategically take pictures so that i don’t show you this area? well there’s a reason. first off the red table bugged me…never liked the […]

a sentimental wreath and purging

so some of you remember the sweet little 2 year old that passed away in my community this past august. well her aunt asked me to help fix up a wreath to be on her grave site. i was happy to oblige, and i am happy to know that i could be a little help […]

i found her doing this

the little one was kind of quiet so i knew something was up…i told you she liked to organize. keep in mind NONE of those cans were there because i put them there…that was all her. she’s even got the “verizon bar” thing going! hmm i should probably start looking in the yellow pages for […]

the secret to organizing

i absolutely love how i feel when things are organized. that’s what this fall has really been about at my house. slowly but surely i’m trying to get back my organizing skills that i had when we bought our first little house. really, that was the most organized i have ever been it seems. i […]

fall cleaning…

i’m cleaning today. before i can sew and start back up on all pending projects this needs to be taken care of… especially when one of your good friend’s house ALWAYS looks like this, you kind of get inspired the friend that everyone thinks we’re related because we kind of look alike and i hung […]

before and after

these containers house my tampons and toilet paper but i didn‘t like the little kid feeling of the polka dots…so add some spray paint and… there you go much nicer more adult containers for the back of my toilet for my tampons and toilet paper. someday soon i’ll be sewing again, i just have to […]

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