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Where Do I Begin? in the past 7 years, i’ve helped people organize their houses. first thing most people want to do is go out and buy all new containers and storage bins…i tell them to hold on to their britches cause we aren’t at that point yet. first, we are going to go and peek into your closets and drawers. because lets face it that’s where we store most of our unused, and unwanted…crap…mixed in with the stuff we use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
so here’s your organizing 101 for the day. your first step to getting organized is:
a good place to start is your closet.
*get rid of clothes you don’t wear
*get rid of clothes that don’t fit you
*get rid of your old glory jeans from 1998. trust me even if you could fit into them again you wouldn’t want to.
***but you have to honest with yourself. you can’t just say “oh but i’m going to wear that.” or “i might need that.” if you haven’t already worn it in the last 6 months or last season…you ain’t going to wear it. and if you haven’t needed it in 6 months you ain’t going to need it anytime soon. GET.RID.OF.IT.
***so here’s your challenge. pick a closet, or drawer, take out it’s contents and only put back what you use. box the rest and take it to your local goodwill store. go on… you know you want to. and if that feels good…go to the next closet and drawer. it can get addicting.
have a great weekend.
see you monday.

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