tutorial: fabric covered eggs


a great craft to do on any day of the week with kids…AND cute! first get you some lovely yummy springy fabrics. these i got as a swap from this lovely gal

then you’ll be needing some plastic eggs (i got mine at walmart they were $2)

first cut your fabric the width of your egg in the middle (where it splits open) and the length should be just long enough to cover the top and bottom of your egg. my measurement was roughly 6″ by 4 1/2″ (but i would just wrap it around your egg to get accurate measurement ’cause egg sizes vary)


then you want to cut strips like a comb on both sides of your fabric (the sides that will be on the top and bottom of your eggs) do not cut all the way through you want it to stay in tact in the middle.

next get your modge podge.

here’s where the kids go to town and have some fun. modge podge your egg. slime it up a bunch!

wrap the middle of the egg with tightly and then gently start pushing down all the strips so that they overlap each other a little (add modge podge if needed…we did)

do the same to the bottom.

and keep going with all the colors. you will end up with a super cute basket full of eggs!

(this tutorial was inspired by my fabulous friend who just so happens to be a professional quilter. thanks F for the instructions over the phone so i could make it into a tutorial.)

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