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how to build a strong marriage


marriages have ups and downs do they not?
but even with the ups and downs you want to continually work on building a stronger relationship.

working together as a couple on things and complimenting each other on the job well done is a great way to build a stronger relationship.

let me do a conversation with the husband if you will.

setting the scene: GI joe husband and i are in the pasture and while i break up the mule poop, he shovels it and spreads it by tossing it all over the pasture.

GI Joe husband: (throwing a shovel full of mule crap off the far side of the pasture) you are doing a really good job of breaking up the poop. (no i’m not kidding people)

me: why thank you…pausing and thinking…i think your poo throwing skills are awesome.

GI joe husband: thank you.

and there you have it. now go break up some crap and throw it around…guaranteed to make your marriage a strong one…

btw: my husband who is no longer GI Joe actually does this for a living now.

so you should TOTALLY listen to me when i talk about marriage.

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