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before and after


found at the second hand store for $25. i saw some potential.

sand it down, primer it, and spray paint it.

Editied: okay i can’t stand all the “white” so i’m changing the pillow covers

and now it can be found in my laundry/mudroom…husband painted the laundry/mudroom this weekend. i went out on a limb and bought “blue-ish” paint. it was rather frightening to me when we were applying the paint how “periwinkle” blue it looked. husband assured me that it was going to darken and change as time went on. if i were to do it again i would go for a slightly darker shade…but all in all i like the color and how cheery my laundry room is now. so i should totally think that laundry is a cheery thing to do now…well another cold day in hell will happen before i associate “cheery” with laundry…

also husband would like to know why on earth i would put up baskets on the wall. i told him that i thought it looked cute…he said “whatevah”…and so they stayed up on the wall.