it’s full speed ahead spring


we had a lovely celebration of “oh my gosh i can’t believe you have made it 11 years of waking up with my crazy butt every morning.” he even bought me the movie. we havn’t watched it yet…oh but we will…we will.
friday and saturday were beautiful and spent outside…i got to paint some too…more to come on that this week. prepare to be amazed…okay maybe not amazed but maybe have a little “ooh” moment. because the sun was out, i was wearing capris and in celebration of tanner leg season approaching i made a few springy broaches (coming soon to an etsy store near you). duh mine.i also started on a new tutorial for the moda bake shop using this honey bun…any guesses?
this weekend was also spent spring cleaning. we finally burned the last of our winter wood and that means i can finally dust and know it will last more than a nano second… it now last three nano seconds. oh exciting. and on a random note…

i eat cereal in the morning…

i don’t really have great luck with cereal and yet i still eat it.


this post is the perfect example of what i mean.

well as i’m pouring out my “honey buzzers” (yes we are cheap-os and buy the big bags ‘o cereal over here) anywho…i was pouring out my cereal when i did a double take…”whaaaaat…is that a FACE?”…i then started searching the whole bowl and sure enough there are like 50 little creepy faces staring up at me…none of them smiling mind you. what the …i hope my cereal isn’t trying to tell me something…


*great “i can’t believe you still love my crazy butt after 11 years” anniversary

*painted and spring cleaning

*tanning legs season=spring broach

*tutorial in the works

*creepy emo-faces staring at me in the morning

sounds like we’re going to have a FANTABULOUS week in blogging. also look for your first 101 this week. i have to figure out when…but it’ll happen

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