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V and Co: my new sewing space


 as i have mentioned before.

i went from not having a sewing room to having a sewing room to not having a sewing room all within years time. our first home didn’t have an extra room for me to have so i sewed in my kitchen area. i also kept my fabric in my kitchen as well. it was cramped but it worked for what i needed at the time.

then we moved into a bigger house (when we decided we were going to stay in our little town for the long haul) and i got my own glorious little office sewing room, wrote a book in that room, and well i created a mess that was never really organized because after 6 months of living there we found out my husband’s company closing it’s doors. we moved…blah de be blah you know the story and we had to find a house in two days in our current state of iowa.

i love my neighborhood, i love my neighbors, and i love our schools. we got super lucky with all of our choices, except for the fact that most homes in our price range only have 4 bedrooms. sooooo we again find me not having a room to call my own as a sewing room.

BUT all that has changed. well not really. i still don’t have an actual room, but i do have a corner in my basement where the kids’ playroom/play video games/watch movies is located.

so now i can totally be in their faces whenever i need to be.

kidding but not really 🙂

it’s still in it’s beginning phase. i found that bookcase at a garage sale (WHOOT!) for $10 painted it white, and bought some cute storage bins from target. i still need to go through all of my fabric bins…and probably try to pare down some (so look for some fabric sales coming your way perhaps?)

i also found that white rolling shelf tray thing that holds “sergio” the serger at a garage sale. it reminds me of the one the husband’s grandmother had in her kitchen.

anywho, it’s not all that glamorous, or fancy, but come on, seriously would you expect that from me anyways? yeah didn’t think so. i’m still in search of some more garage sale finds to place in my corner for storage. ah the hunt never ends.  🙂

okay off to continue the cleaning and organizing.

we’ll talk soon!