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V and Co: so my husband needs a bail out


no no, i’m not setting up a fund like george zimmerman or anything…this is for a different kind of lock up.

my husband IS a Jailbird. but it’s for a good cause:

He’s taking part in the 2012 ELU Lock-Up benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association. As a Jailbird, he’s working to raise his bail via donations that go to help the MDA.

this is where all of you come in. (if you’re so incline…uh but seriously he kind of needs your help.)

MDA is dedicated to curing muscular dystrophy, ALS and other neuromuscular diseases. At the same time, the Association provides health care and support services for people living with these diseases in local communities.

We need your help in this fundraising effort with a tax-deductible donation (whoot!!!) cause who doesn’t like that?!

 It’s easy — just click on the secure link below.

Click here to visit the donation page.

If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit this direct web address:

Thanks in advance for joining the fight against muscle disease. Remember, every breakout means more breakthroughs for MDA. <—-yup i stole that off the website. sounded important and better than i would have said it. 🙂

okay so crafters unite! do me proud so i can show the husband how awesome this whole blogging/crafting community really can be! 

ps i’m uploading pictures of my newly organized craft corner soon! can’t wait to show you! 🙂

we’ll talk soon.

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