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the secret to organizing


i absolutely love how i feel when things are organized. that’s what this fall has really been about at my house. slowly but surely i’m trying to get back my organizing skills that i had when we bought our first little house. really, that was the most organized i have ever been it seems. i was trying to figure out why… and i’ve come to a few conclusions a.) it was a small place 1200 sq ft. b.) i didn’t have much and when we moved into that house i didn’t have enough to fill in all the storage space that came with it. c.) it was OURS (our first ours) believe it or not that made a huge difference in my eyes, and d.) it was before we started moving every few years.
since buying our second home, i feel like i’m slowly getting back to that organizing *need*. we’ve been here the longest in the past 4 years…a whole whopping ALMOST 2 years. yeah moving is tough…and i’ve been having those nesting feelings that everything should have a place. only problem is: we have more kids, we have more furniture, we have more STUFF, we even have more pets…so i’m trying to reclaim simplicity which has come to be the real secret to organizing in my eyes… constantly weeding out old, or un-used items is the best place to start. i’ve started in my closets and gone out…just think about it. less clothes means smaller mounds of laundry, smaller mounds of laundry means easier times stuffing the clothes into the drawers, which means less clothes lying around not knowing where to house them. so i’m applying that (again) to every single drawer, closet, nook and cranny in my house. then i will try to tackle my car which you basically need to be up to date on all your tetanus shots to feel safe to get into (but i guess that’s a cleaning thing not an organizing thing)…happy organizing.

**as a disclaimer i want to let everyone know that i will not *reclaim simplicity* in buying fabric, i will forever indulge in buying fabric, THAT ALSO makes me happy, just wanted to be clear on that!

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