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my thoughts::making a house a home


i truely believe no matter where you live you should make it the best place on earth for your family. that has been my motto since our first place we lived in. we managed apartments, we lived in a tiny little hole of an apartment, we had nothing, that by far was a great place to start…as time has gone on i have been able to collect special pieces of furniture through “trash” collecting from college students who left things behind by the dumpster and made it my own, and through going to second hand stores, so i may not have pottery barn everything ( i love thier style!)…but it’s lovely just the same in my eyes. i feel like you can take anything and make it just that much better with a little love and paint. that is what i hope to start on this weekend, i feel like i’ve put off my painting projects for too long, negelected my home, neglected my “nesting”…so wish me luck i hope to get some things done, organizing, painting, and hanging with the kids…

1. Our new house – the kitchen, 2. Wall O’ Hankies, 3. E’s room, 4. Elin’s room, 5. Annie’s room, 6. paint.and.print, 7. studio.sprucing, 8. New Old Chesterfield, 9. Velvet green pillows., 10. Christmas cabinet, 11. Lauren’s Room, 12. Who needs orange?, 13. treats for me, 14. treats for myself, 15. my interview with Vintage Indie, 16. Out of control, 17. polka dots, 18. corner of my home, 19. corner of my home, 20. Cozy entry…., 21. Dining Room Area, 22. Millie’s (tidy) corner, 23. Inspiration, 24. Inspiration, 25. Mums front door