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first step to organizing and cleaning your home


so i don’t care if you have never been in the game or if you are trying to get back in the game (as i am) or have never left the game and are interested in hearing other ideas (and sharing your own!). i have this organizing/cleaning schedule that works for me and my family.

is my house perfect?
can you find occasional dust bunnies under my couch?
do i spend all day every day cleaning?
can my house look somewhat put together in 20 minutes if someone were to come and drop by?
most often yes.

see nobody’s house is ever completely clean. i don’t care who you are, it just isn’t going to happen. because guess what…
everyone poops and takes showers in your bathroom, and everyone makes dirty laundry and dishes in your house.
if you never have those things get dirty in between cleanings then you must be pooping and eating at someone else’s house every single day. (and btw that’s not very nice. i’m just sayin.)

nope a rotating cleaning schedule wont make your house completely clean all the time but it will keep it somewhat tidy and look clean enough that if by some chance your mother in law calls you from en-route to your house for a surprise visit you can get that baby looking spic and span within 20 minutes just in time for her arrival.
are you ready to gain control?

okay first things first:


that’s right before you can be on a cleaning schedulethat will work you have to get rid of the extra crap lying around in hidden places.

ever feel like you are just moving one pile of crap to another section so you can clean off one surface only to make the other surface now cluttered?

yeah you have too much stuff.


here’s where to start: inside your drawers, closets, and under the beds.

get three boxes label them:
*throw away
*give away
*store away

empty out completely all the contents of your drawer, closet, or under the bed.

now start placing in the boxes where things go.
if you are keeping that particular item in that drawer or area then keep it and place it aside for it to be placed nicely back in the area you are working on.

***here’s a few tips for you people having a hard time getting rid of your glory days jeans…yeah i know you are out there.

if you haven’t fit in your glory day jeans in say a year. GET RID OF THEM.
if you can still fit in them…good for you, you should be proud that you still can, but ask yourself this…when was the last time you wore them?
if its more than one year.

now do that with all your clothes and all the stupid nicknaks and junk that is clogging up your closets, and drawers and make room for the stuff that is all over your house being pushed around from surface to surface.

***this is what i’m doing right now. i used to do this every 6 months and weed out broken things and papers and just junk that collects because we have 6 people that live in my house.
6 people can break and create a lot of junk in 6 months. it feels liberating once your house is under control and you can open up closets and not have things stuffed in there falling out and know what is in every closet in your house. no really i dare you. do it.

if you are having a hard time getting rid of things even if you know you haven’t worn or used something for the last year…put it in your store it away box. and then seal it up with duck tape and then put a date of 6 months from that day’s date. if you haven’t touched that box or needed anything from that box in 6 months…GIVE IT TO GOODWILL!

so here’s my challenge.
for one week your challenge is to tackle one closet or drawer or heck go nuts and do a ROOM. go around every single corner of that or closet or drawer and then room, and get rid of things you are not using and get rid of junk that’s just taking up space.
and watch how your clutter on surfaces disappear.

i’m going to do it too.
my craft closet is on the list, and it gives me hives just thinking of tackling it. i may just try something easier first but i don’t know…

are you ready to regain simplicity of your house with me?
who’s with me?

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