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happy monday!

so many of you are on board in the get rid of crap process! good for you! it’s contagious and let me tell you…
you guys motivated me to organize a little more than what i anticipated on doing in the first place. we went through and organized all three boy’s dresser drawers, and closet, we went through and organized little miss katie’s drawers and closet, and i went through a few of my drawers as well. we’re going to work on katie’s toys this week sometime and then i’ll try to tackle that mess of a craft area i have.
ew hives.
now some of you have commited and some of you have already left comments saying you tackled basements, and drawers and closets!! YAY! see this is what i’m talking about. this is why i blog. just that whole awesome encouragement that goes on and all the help we give to each other! fabulous!

so here’s the next question:

do you want a show and tell? like say come this friday we do a link party of before and afters?

or would you like to move on to the next post of organizing and cleaning and schedules?

it’s up to you guys. i’m here for whatever.
let me know and we’ll move in the direction of the most popular suggestion.

did you have a nice weekend? we roasted marshmallows to celebrate two full days of working hard on the sewer. yeah you read it right…the husband dug up our pooper (well the leach line and made sure it was running right. he found a few problems and fixed them. i was his trusty sidekick.
and let me tell you, having to spend umpteenth hours together in a trench and working on crap (literally) really makes you appreciate the other things in life you work on together.

my cupeth runeth overeth on the love i have for that man, and the crap he’s willing to work on.


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