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get the crap out of my house party


well did you do it? did you gain a little more control on the clutter and crap?
this last week the kids and i tackled their closets, drawers, toys, and “treasure” drawers.

this time i want to talk about how to get the kids to help.

one way to get my kids to help with the process is to let them know that no “new things” can enter our home, or toy bins without getting rid of something that has seen better days or things that are no longer used. we’ve been doing this process for a few years. i want to say 5 to 7 years. they have essentially grown up knowing that this is how our house works.
they also know that mom is on a weekly/daily cleaning schedule and this summer we’ve been working on getting everyone involved so they can learn to be able to do it as well if need be do it on their own as well. hopefully not but i’m trying to set them up for the future. next in the next few weeks i’ll talk about that said schedule. it’s been tweaked here and there and it works great for our family. of course it will have to be tweaked again once school starts next month.
but we’ll talk about that later on.
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