it rained last week


so… last week it rained for a few days…we weren’t able to go to the pool.
we were at a lost as to what to do… okay the kids weren’t they loved the puddles…but what did i used to do?

oh yeah.
i think i sort of remember the sewing machine and paint and some other stuff i used to have fun with…
i blew the dust off the ‘ol craft area in my brain and started to unleash some hounds that have been needing to…well be unleashed i guess. the kids kind of got excited and hovered as i tried my hand at something crafty. i think both parties kind of have missed that little bit of me.
i made something for my house…
and i’m editing pictures on how to make it so you will have a tutorial sometime next week.
oh hey and by the way i have a HUGE giveaway on monday. yeah, it’s the biggest ever here on the ‘ol blog.
uh yeah you won’t want to miss it i promise!!!

btw keep the organizing coming! you can link up your progress till the 5th! thanks to the gals who have already shown their progress! it’s keeping me motivated for sure! i’m working on my closet and my storage area in the garage… 😉 i’ll try to add a few more pics (camera was acting up…okay no it wasn’t i’m just super lame when it comes to figuring out computer stuff. so i was acting up…new computer means me not knowing what i’m doing for a little while till i get used to the new system…i’m an old dog with no new tricks to be learned when it comes to computers i guess!)
anywho…come back monday and next week for a HUGE giveaway and a tutorial.
have a great weekend!

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