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a before and after


remeber last week i said i was painting and organizing? (and failing to file my taxes)

this is what i did last week: have you ever noticed that i try to strategically take pictures so that i don’t show you this area? well there’s a reason. first off the red table bugged me…never liked the red it turned out in the first place…and well, what can i say? uh… i’ve been busy creating and making things and never had enough time to clean up (so i keep telling everyone and i’m sticking to that). instead i was stuffing and pushing anywhere i could find a slot.

remember how i said i’m adding more white? well here you go. my first wave of white completed. and now i can hide crap under the skirt and not feel bad about it…AND it also serves the purpose of a FORT for clone troopers, a CASTLE for tea parties, and a HIDING place for wild jungle beasts (aka the cat). who knew.