fall cleaning…


i’m cleaning today. before i can sew and start back up on all pending projects this needs to be taken care of…
especially when one of your good friend’s house ALWAYS looks like this, you kind of get inspired
the friend that everyone thinks we’re related because we kind of look alike and i hung out yesterday at her house moving furniture around and taking some of her adorable bowls and plates and using them as decoration. her house is so simple i love walking into it because it just always feels like she worked her tail off to clean it. but in actuality, she’s just one of those special people that doesn’t clutter her house…i am not one of those people, if there is an open space i have furniture that will replace it, if there is a table of a shelf i put nick knacks on it. controlled chaos with a purpose i call it. but anyways the inspiration is there and organizing continues at my house.

i was going to tell you about my “technically i did not lie to my children” story, but the little one is currently in hysterics because i wont let her sit on top of the keyboard while i type so that will have to wait for another time. maybe later today like around midnight when i finally don’t have someone constantly needing me, that’s when i do my best work other than mommy work anyways.

this is the tutorial that i am going to show you come monday. i’ll show you the easiest form of applique, there are many techniques but i’m all about fast and easy and inexpensive. so come back then! have a good weekend!