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oh martha and a mini make over


i have in my possession the book:
and i have come to two conclusions:
a) martha is in hoots with the devil himself or
b) she has an awesome eye for things and has a huge team that she single handed picked out to work out her ideas and have them come up with ideas of their own that are “martha worthy”…

ooooh this book is so good that i can’t refrain much longer, i must go and buy one for myself. i could just sit and stare at this book for hours. which i did yesterday. the day was so pretty we (the pasty things i call my children and my pasty self) spent a few good hours outside enjoying the sun. i also got to leaf through this lovely….sigh….

i also did little makeover. i took this fake bush i bought with every intention of doing something with (like last year)…and brain stormed and came up with:prune the heck out of it.

and ended up with a little more spring come into summer decor.

i’m off to walmart for my weekly get everything i need for the week because it takes 45 minutes of driving through the mountains to get here trip…wish me luck.

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