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“the easter bunny sucks!”


so we were on the road on easter sunday. i know not very religious of us. but the husband had to be back at work on monday morning and we had to see family on saturday soooo…you do the math.

as we were traveling the oldest boy yells up to the front:

hey isn’t today easter sunday?

me: yeah (oh crap he’s going to lecture me on why aren’t we doing what Jesus would want us to do)

one of the boys in the back to the other one: ooooh yeeeeeeah! wonder what the easter bunny brought us!

me: grumbling swear word!

my wonderful husband coming to my rescue: uh guys the easter bunny’s not coming this year…

all three boys start yelling at once:


husband that came to my rescue: cause the easter bunny doesn’t leave stuff for kids who aren’t going to be home on easter. we’re usually home and so he didn’t want to leave stuff just in case. sorry guys.

all three boys: THE EASTER BUNNY SUCKS!

me: oh now hey guys lets not be so mean to the easter bunny. sh..he has a lot on his plates sometimes and this time of the year you can only imagine how stressed out he was….grumbling too low for them to hear thinking about the wedding and all the other stuff

oldest boy: santa clause wouldn’t pull something like that.

husband that came to my rescue: nope, you are right santa clause wouldn’t pull something like that. (snickering in the front seat)


so guess what?

the easter bunny came a little late this year.

feeling real bad and all.

sh..he showed up on tuesday (after i came home from walmart and before the boys came home from school)

the boys are all okay with the easter bunny again.

and the easter bunny got some KILLER deals on half priced items for easter.

go figure.