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some of my favorite things


stitchery and books. there’s something about the whole cottage thing that makes me warm and happy. i love that i walk in and instantly want to look around at what the walls or see what the cupboards hold. curl up on the couch with a quilt and a book or stitch something new, or just daydream of new projects.

quilts, i actually made this one, sad to say this is the most complicated quilt i’ve made, all of the other ones are pretty plain square ones, but i love each and everyone of them. wreaths, i try to limit this one (jake doesnt think so, it might be to the fact that i’ve lost count of how many i have), but i loove looooove wreaths and if it wouldnt look so totally ridiculous i probably would have one on every wall, yes i love them that much.
handmade treasures…i think these are the best, and they make me happy, i can’t remember when i made this but it was my first attempt to a log cabin block, i don’t know the actual requirements of a log cabin block, i just did what i though would look cute. and yes the planting has begun, slowly but surely i will keep adding more and more flowers and vines to this place, and most likely it will be a tangled mess to my husband but a lovely cottage-y look in my eyes.