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great second hand finds…


so i was looking around my house, and i thought i would share with you some of my AWESOME second hand finds (some of them were free cause ahem they were found next to the dumpsters) this is my coffee table (one of my favorite pieces of furniture) it’s been with us the whole 10 years of our marriage i found it by the dumpster while we were apartment managers in cali. slapped some paint on it and distressed it and well i’ve had a few women offer as much as $200 for it, but sorry it’s mine forever.
this one my husband found by the dumpster (same place in cali) slapped some paint on it and it’s been pretty worn, i might need to repaint it one of these days. (robin’s egg blue? or puke green tend to be the fav’s these days)
this one actually cost me a bit $30 at a garage sale but i love it cause it holds my computer and hides it! (slapped black paint and distressed)

this picture cost me $3 at a garage sale ( i painted the frame and matte and… tada!)
these plates cost me a total of $1.50
the wooden box that the candle is in cost me a whopping $1

so you can be frugal and a tightwad and still have things look kind of nice. i have a few more in the works (still need to slap some paint on them) but i will show them off when i get to doing it! i have a ton more stuff but i’ll wait for another day!