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once upon a time…


i used to really like to do laundry. the smell and warmth alone was a happy maker. somewhere around child three i think that was no longer true. and i’ve been so good with doing what fly lady suggests and doing a load a day(no matter what!!). seemed to of gotten things under control at our house, but add a trip to slc, and a sick little girl who throws up at the sight of milk (what’s that all about?! we are now on soy milk for at least a week) and this is what happens when you’ve already folded, put away the load that is for the day, and you walk away for the afternoon (thinking you are done cause you followed the rule!) i can’t imagine what it is for more than 4 kids and a husband put into the mix! i stayed up last night watching my smut tv (daily 10, and the hills) and folding laundry, thank heavens for smut tv!