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back to basics…


i think my husband is tired of hearing me complain about my funks and of how i don’t have the energy to do things these past weeks. his words were strong but true…”what are you doing to take care of YOU?” i listed taking showers, eating, and sleeping. doing some reading and creating here and there. “those are still not taking care of yourself. go exercise.” WHAT?! how did this happen? i have ALWAYS exercised…no matter what, i would make time, running would clear my head, and now i find it clearing my bladder too, sooo i had to stop that…saddness…but i ALWAYS have had a membership to a gym AND WENT. so what’s different now? well lots of things but i think living in california spoiled me to not need the gym and just go out and enjoy the outdoors everyday and go walking, not strolling mind you, WALKING, hard core. those women i went with were monsters! and i loved it, it sufficed not being able to run. and here i find myself complaining its too cold to go walking, and the gym doesn’t have day care, and it’s not open when i want to go (7 or 8 pm). so i decided to listen to my husband and i did it, i exercised, and it felt great. so much that i really want to have it be a passion need to do it every day thing (again). things are already starting to look better!