second hand re-creation


while in my cleaning organizing fit, i’ve been able to move things around and re-create with some second hand stuff that wouldn’t normally go together.
i took my thrift store find silver basket, and my thrift store find glass candle stick holder (total cost $1.00)

and created my new center piece for my dining room table.
and in my eyes

well almost…i’m in search of a short metal candle stick so i can crazy glue it together. you know because of the high population of male noisemakers in my home…glass not good.

ps tutorial for my doll quilt will be up soon probably tomorrow. and i’m still working on some new stuff for my shop. we’ve been hit with the flu so things have been pushed back. currently i’m under a mountain of folded laundry.

oh and there’s a sponsored giveaway on monday.
yeah, we’ll talk soon.

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