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balancing my crazy


well with christmas being over, and with my new year word of “consistency” in place, i feel like i can finally start breathing again.
anyone else?
no, just me?
i LOVE this time of year. it’s this time of year that i re-find my love of schedules and lists. i feel more focused and ready to take on life with gusto.
anyone else?
no, just me?
it’s this time of the year that my house is clean and organized, it’s this time of the year that my laundry is folded and put away every day, it’s this time of year that i want to try something new, it’s this time of the year that i feel well, pretty much on top of it.

and then by march my house has slowly gone back to “well i cleaned the toilet tuesday…no wait was it tuesday? i can’t remember, maybe i’ll have the boys have that as part of their chores.” the laundry goes back to “MOM!!! I DON’T HAVE ANY MORE PANTS!” and “honey? do i have any more clean underwear?” with my answer of “yeah, it’s coming out of the dryer right now…or wait i think it’s in the pile i was folding…no wait, i’m doing that load next!”

my wanting to try new things has then turned into “wow, this is really cool how i can grind my own wheat and make my own bread, and look i’m learning to crochet… wouldn’t silk screen printing be a totally awesome thing to learn this year?!!…crap, did i miss my dentist appt? oh yeah, must remember to clean bathroom.”
and my on top of it has turned into spinning in circles multi tasking with all the crap i’ve piled on myself because i felt so on top of it that i thought i could add one more…well, maybe 5 more things to my plate.

i spend the next 9 months in a full speed blur. i’m tired and my hair is singed with smoke coming off of it. i’m usually coming from one place just to get to the next place, so that i can make it in time to finish that one other thing i needed to do all the while thinking what i need to get done next week. somewhere in there i need to schedule in pooping time, and a few hours of sleep so that i’m not so tired when i’m exercising at 5:45 the next morning.
by december i’m haggard, grumpy, and sometimes down right sarcastically nasty.


but january…

so if you’ll excuse me,
me and my super duper scheduled life, and super duper clean house, are going to enjoy this loveliness that happens only this time of the year, and try to learn something new, keep a nicely balanced life between spirituality, physical fitness, craftiness, and being the best that i can be as a wife and mom.
because as we all know… this is the calm before the storm.
anyone else?
no, just me?

here’s to progress.
and here’s to balancing my crazy a little better in 2010.
we’ll talk soon.

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