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a little quilt for the little mommy in your life


last week on sytyc you voted and i made it yet one more week! thanks. this next theme is new years. go check it out now. the other two girls that are left are two girls that i can call friends, and they are so talented!
i’m so LUCKY to of made it this far! 🙂
last week i made this little quilt and gave it as a gift to my little girl.
this little quilt has made me realize is that i really miss finishing quilts. i have three that are started and not necessarily being worked on. i feel like i haven’t had time. this last year has been a whirlwind, and i’ve been busy, but this year i want to try to focus on getting a few more quilts done. yes, that’s one of my goals.
and consistency.

that’s the word of the year for me.
do you have a word?
i will pick a few things that i will be consistent on, and hope to improve from there.

it will include on the main parts of my life:
and creativity.

those three categories are the most important to me and can encompass almost anything. i like that.

so here’s to a good consistent year.
we’ll talk soon! 😉

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