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my holiday season resolution


so it’s not yet that time to make a new years resolution, but i thought this holiday season i was going to make a short term resolution. like a one month-er instead of a 12 month-er…this last year i made the resolution that i was going to stop talking about the things i wanted to accomplish and just go ahead and start doing them. even if it meant that i would fail at a few of them. it was a great year to finally start making clothes, selling things online and in a store here in the middle of nowhere, attempt to learn to play the drums (i sucked royally at that) and now learning to play the piano (i don’t suck as bad at that). did i get to try everything i would of liked to try? no way, i still want to try to learn to knit and crochet, i would love to try my hand at silk screening ( i would need resources for this), make soap, grow a bigger garden…oh and i’m sure there are many more interesting crafty things i’d like to try in the coming years. this year has taught me not to be afraid to be bad at some things and just go and do it. it’s been a good year.

with the holiday season in full swing often times we forget ourselves in the rush of christmas shopping, neighbor gifts, teacher gifts, family gifts, the decorating, the un-decorating, the whole hustle and bustle, so this made me think, i’m going to take care of me this season (on top of all the other crazy stuff) i’m going to continue to make sure i get to the gym every day (and the days i miss i’ll jump in place for 30 minutes while the little one sleeps, my kids think this is funny) i’m going to continue my goal to not drink carbonated drinks on a daily basis, i’m going to add more vegies to my diet and less carbs (but don’t touch my chocolate!), i’m going to go to bed earlier (not so hard these days without the caffeine!), i’m going to laugh more with my kids, i’m going to read scriptures more often, i;m going to soak in baths more, i’m going to continue to get on my knees and pray for help, i’m going to read good books and some stupid ones too, i’m going to do whatever i want to do to make me healthier all around. that’s a pretty scary list there, but i think i can handle it for a month.

have a great weekend, i’m going to try to also!