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a couple of small before and afters


my latest little finds at the second hand store:this was on sale from i think $1 down to .25 cents.
a wire wreath thingy that i think is used for christmas cards. now that would be fine if it were close to christmas, but it’s not so….

add some spray paint and some brainstorming and now i have a perfect place to hang my patterns in one place.

this little guy cost me .25 cents.

ugly yes…but with some spray paint…

not so bad and ugly anymore.

hope that all you guys made it over to my new url.

i’d be sad if i lost some of you guys.

edited:okay so i underestimated google reader (that was dumb) and i guess they re-directed everything for everyone of you 997 people but have already gained 7 new people on the other url…YAY! all is well in the google world. (those people must be rich)

seriously, i mean my boys thanks you for keeping me from mauling them as they come home from school to show them the new skirt i made. and the husband thanks you because that means i don’t keep asking him questions like “does this look good on me.” or “do you like how i did that?” no, no…that’s what you guys are for.

well that, and to back me up when he calls me crazy for putting up baskets on the wall.

so thanks.

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