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on the third day


you are suppose to see sprouts. guess what i saw…



okay well i did see some weeds.

the husband is a researcher at heart. it’s rather annoying. i can never claim “i had no idea.” because the man doesn’t let me.

as each day passes, he comes home with more and more info about gardening. he gets excited of the new found information…

as for me, my eyes glaze over, and all i hear is “blah blah then this happens. blah blah we should be doing this on the blah blah blah…” and so forth.

doesn’t he get it?

my brain is too full.

i’m just lucky i remember my phone # and social security #.

and to know the difference.’

i’m off to do some of the “blah blahs”

i would say “wish me luck”

but lets face it…

wish me a miracle.

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