new skirt for me


thank you for the vote of confidence and patience on yesterday’s post about my garden. yeah i’ll work on the patience thing 😉i made this skirt out of a table cloth that was on clearance.
did you read that amy?
no posiblities of sweaty hairy men on this skirt!
i think it was the martha stewart christmas collection at kmart.
i saw the pattern on it and thought it would make a really cute something or other.

now if i have made a handkerchief and put it on my head i would look like i belong in a tree singing “doe-a-deer, a female deer!”
but because i didn’t, i think it turned out a little less sound of music-ish
while in the middle of making it, i thought to myself “should of made a tutorial out of this.” well i think i will, but it has to wait till next week sometime when i go back to the “big” town and get me another table cloth. so stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make this skirt.
oh and did you notice the legs?
not so pasty eh?
yeah been working in the garden so freakin’ much that they don’t have a choice.