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one of most reoccurring questions i get through email and comments (besides, where’d you get those red shoes in your header (seriously, i’ve tried to find where they sell them with still no luck!), and where’d you get those jeans (shopko… they are actually petal pushers and were bought on the whim from the clearance rack due to my sitting in dog poop at a park), what camera do you use?, does the token system really work? (yes, it does and we’ve back away from being as strict with as we were before all because it worked so great!)) is the question of “what about your bedroom? how come i don’t see pictures of your bedroom?”
hmmmm, well, i guess because there’s not much to it. and i’m still trying to figure out what i want.
but i guess i should show you the before picture…brace yourself.
when this is your starting point…you could see why all white is the direction we went with the room. well, that and super heavy duty primer was all that would cover that sucker up.
i have some ideas of what i want. which all takes money…which means it will have to wait. and will happen just like everything else in my house…in increments. mainly inspired by really expensive things, found in not so expensive places, and sometimes made by me. but it includes a lot of light colors, and a lot of new mixed in with old.
but there you have it my really pain and boring bedroom.
we’ll talk soon.

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