before and after: kitchen/dining area


thank you for the lovely well wishes on my birthday!
yes, the husband got the necklace. i don’t know how he knew exactly what i wanted. but he did so good! 😉
okay so…this last summer we did a little remodeling in our kitchen/dining area. here are the before and during and well, i can’t really call it an after because i’m always wanting to change things. my husband calls me the “Winchester lady” because i’m always moving and changing things around…sometimes i even have “big plans” that i talk about.

here’s our dining area when i looked at the house. unlike the rest of the house, this wasn’t painted when they were on those good drugs and the color isn’t so bad. but i like neutral on the walls so that i can paint furniture or accessorize any way i want.

here’s a picture of our window no longer going to be a window. it was right next to the fireplace.
and here’s the now.

french doors are where the window was. the walls and fire place has been painted (but not finished because i still need to paint that one wall..see “winchester lady”) and here are my “big plans” that table holds special memories…as in it was one of the first things my husband bought for “us” when we got married…so i want to keep the table but i want to paint it and i would like to get different chairs for it. see? winchester lady…

and while this picture paints a very organized kitchen area…the “picture” behind me is atrocious as i’ve been “creating” while kids are in school and late into the night. i’m in between so many things and they all seem to throw up their left overs in my crafting area. my goal is to have it organized by next years this thanksgiving.
i have to. people are coming over.
my plan of action…maybe a power hose…or a bulldozer.

tomorrow i’ll post my tutorial for the wheat pillows. monday we will have a new theme for sytyc (it looks like i’m moving to the next round as of right now) AND on tuesday we will have a sponsored giveaway.
fun fun fun!

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