tutorial: spraypainted wheat pillows


as seen last week on sytyc…here are my wheat pillows and the easy steps on how to make them!
you will need:
spray paint ( i had ivy leaf, and brown)
freezer paper.

first cut some muslin.
next trace your own drawn pattern (or you can download my pdf here)
make as many of your stencil as you need

next you are going to cut out your wheat.

and for the stalks you just cut long skinny strips of freezer paper.
place your stalks onto your muslin…SHINY SIDE DOWN!
iron on your freezer paper.
next get your “wheat” part and place it on top of your stalk(shiny side down)…not overlapping too much.
iron the wheat down.
get your spray paint can. and evenly distribute the paint.
repeat if you have any area that needs a little more paint.
do not over paint!
once you let your paint fully dry, peel off your freezer paper.
now you are ready to trim down your fabric to desired measurement so you can make your pillow!
i experimented and wanted to see what would happen if i washed the muslin with the spray paint, it held up pretty good. i wouldn’t suggest drying it in the dryer as i don’t know what the paint will do if it gets too hot in there. to iron it i turned the side that wasn’t painted and put a towel in between the iron and the fabric (just in case!)
these are definitely not to be used as sleeping pillows or for pillow cases, but they do make cute throw pillows!
get creative and have fun with your stencils…i’m currently making my boys’ room some throw pillows with circles and lines…we’ll see if they turn out as cute! er not “cute”…awesome.
today is the last day to vote for this weeks favorite craft…on monday i will reveal which one was mine!! 😉

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