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sytyc:week three


well some of you guessed right on my craft last week! but did you see how many amazing ones there were? wow. i definitely want to make some of those!

even bigger wow. i won that round even with all the other amazing crafts! (thank you!)

like i said this craft was a last minute “oh my, what am i going to do for this theme” craft. so it’s easy to do and fast to accomplish. i guess kind of like all my crafts, if you can make it with kids jumping on you or in your lap as you do it…then well it’s probably got my stamp on it.

here are the steps as seen on sytyc:

this no sew fabric wreath is super easy and super fast to make. using up just scraps, it’s also a pretty cheap but classy way to dress up your wall!
what you will need:
hot glue gun
muslin square
scraps of fabric
a frame you can place you finished product.

first i went through all my fabrics that i might want to put in my wreath. i eliminated some and kept 6 that were going to be in the wreath.
then i took my frame and placed it on top of my muslin.
i want a guide line for my wreath so i checked my cupboards for the right size circle, which in this case was one of my bowls.
i traced with a pencil around my bowl. now i have a guideline for my wreath.
next i took my fabric and cut little strips (mine are aprox 1 1/4 by 3 inches.
i then folded in half my strips, and ironed down. these are going to be your leaves.
now i’m going to show you how to make the leaf. these two next steps will help you make all your leaves on your wreath.
first you are going to make sure your raw edge is facing down towards you.
then you are going to take one of your sides of the strip and fold down at the halfway point like the picture above.
next you are going to do the same thing with the other side. just like the picture above.
and now you have your leaf. now lets make the leaves on your wreath!
using my drawn on circle as my guide, i will fold and hot glue gun my leaves onto the muslin

make sure you do a small dab of hot glue on muslin, and in between fabrics (i even added a little dab in each layer of fabric so it all stayed put well)
next place your second strip laying across the other way, and make sure you cover your raw edge bottom.

continue your process of folding and hot glueing your leaves by alternating the way you lay your strip.
and make sure you use your penciled in circle as your guide.
see how easy!

when you are done you will have a beautifully simple wreath. i hung mine with some fabric from the frame.
and it hangs in my hall by the door. i think it would look great hanging alone on a wall or with a collage of other black frames with other artwork or pictures of family!
this weeks challenge theme is “green” oooooh man again so many AWESOME CRAFTS AGAIN! we will see if i can survive yet another round! shaking in my boots…can you spot mine?
wish me luck…i think i’m going to need it! 😉

come back tomorrow we will be having a sponsored giveaway!

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