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V and Co:a thrifting before and after


i love to thrift shop. it’s been a long time since i’ve been able to do so on a regular basis. with all the moves, and the de-junking/selling of our stuff for our move, i didn’t feel like i could justify going to second hand places or to garage sales till we were more settled and finally able to see what this house needed.

well here in iowa i’ve not had very good luck with the second hand stores (as of yet but i hope to change that) BUT garage sales…holy hannah.
okay so a little observation about iowa, or at least here in hawkeye territory. everything around here revolves around the football games. so lets say it’s monday, and lets say the hawkeye’s had a rough weekend and didn’t win (ooh i know i said it out loud i can hear the gasping slash cringing from fellow iowans) there’s this almost meloncholy feel to the area, no one is wearing their black and gold and the hawkeye flags are at half mast (not kidding)
okay well lets just say it’s wednesday of that said week…people are starting to get all excited about the following weekend’s game, and what do you know…GARAGE SALES start popping up in the middle of the week. so from wednesday to friday is prime time GARAGE SALE SIGN spotting. because i don’t know if you know this about iowans…saturday is a state holiday (at least in these parts) and everyone is home watching the game. if you look outside your window you can see no humans around, just a whole heck of a lot of black and gold flags a flying. and coincidentally if you don’t wear black and yellow on friday/saturday you feel REALLY out of place. no seriously i’ve never experienced anything like it.

okay back to the garage sales…so i’m taking katie to pre school one wednesday, and i notice a garage sale sign out of the corner of my eye, take note, and put it aside in my “hmmm maybe i’ll go check that out on my way home” pocket.

so on my way home i decide: sure why not, i am trying to avoid what i’m suppose to do, lets go to that garage sale…

and well lo and behold i see this hexagon beauty. well not a beauty yet…
and i stare at it and i ask the little cute older lady “how much for the coffee table?”
she answers “$5”
i sit and stare at the table thinking to myself “HOLY CRAP SHE JUST SAID $5!!”
but my silence must of made her nervous so she then said “but i’ll give it to you for $3”
to which i almost yelled “YES OH MY GOSH SOLD!!” but instead i said “oh okay, i think i have that in the car, thank you!”

and walked away happy as a clam with my $3 table. even if it didn’t work in my living room, which it does, i could of used it downstairs in my family room, or heck given it to someone who needed it. but nope, it’s mine.
and with two coats of polar bear white from behr paint in the satin finish with the primer in it, it looks even better and at home in my home.

so hawkeye football, thank you so much for my middle of the week find and i think it’s time for me to get some yellow and black garb to show my support. GO HAWKS!!!!!
ps that’s not the only thing i’ve found at garage sales. 🙂 more to come on those finds as well.
we’ll talk soon.
pps: i’ve joined this built a quilt workshop with rachel of ps i quilt! cause you know i don’t have enough going on so lets add another thing!!! 🙂 hope to see you there.

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