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V and Co: celebrates: 5


the girl  noise maker in our home turns 5 today. FIVE…wha?

we were just celebrating:




1 (that’s the closest to 1 i have on here)

you keep getting older, and as much as i would love to keep you little forever, i’m excited to see what each year brings.

this year you:

-you still love your dog. and your dog still loves you. (even though dad thinks he’s his dog…we all know who’s dog he really is)

while taking pictures the dog came and sat with you as he often does whenever he can.

-you love babies

-you can’t wait for friends to come home so you can go out to play with them

-if it’s pink you will like it, and to mom’s chagrin you love purple too. (i’m working on getting over it)

-YOU LOVE SHOES…like i have to say “no, you don’t need those” a bazillion times and you usually come back with some kind of explanation as to why you HAVE to have them. like “but mom these have glitter!”

-you love your dad. he’s funny and pretty cool in your eyes.

-you ask to have a book read, help with prayers, and a hug and a kiss (with an occasional “mom sing me a song”) every single night before you go to bed.

-you love to dance when you think no one is looking. 🙂

-you love to sing when you think no one is listening.

-your dad and brothers think you talk too much, i think you talk just about right.

-white milk is your favorite drink

-you call Rapunzel “umpunzel” or when you are excited it comes out sounding a lot like “pretzel”

-you love to go shopping with me, sew with me, hang out with me, and i hope that never changes.

-you asked for a sewing machine just a few weeks ago. made me really proud.

you are a joy to have in our family, the boys (that means dad too) and i love you to pieces.

happy birthday little one.

can’t wait to see what your future holds. 🙂