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winner of the fat quarter shop giveaway


okay so i’m really sorry that it took me till tonight to post this…a certain little four year old in our house is not going to be four anymore for much longer and i have been baking cupcakes and frosting cupcakes and well…i finally gave in to her wanting to get her ears pierced. she loves them, didn’t cry, as a matter of fact she didn’t even say ouch. where did she come from? hmm.

okay the winner of the fat quarter shop giveaway:

lucky # 208:

Blogger LeslieP said…
If I win I plan to use it for a quilt for my master bedroom. And maybe a little something else for my daughter’s room.

leslie! congrats you get to make that little something for your daughter and that big something for yourself!

okay back to planning and wrapping and finishing frosting. 🙂