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what to do with glass hurricanes


i became obsessed with hurricanes when i saw them in the pottery barn catalog last year. loved them!
so when i found these lovelies at my second hand store, i pushed over a nice lady that i thought was going to take them i quickly put them in my basket before anyone else could claim them.
the big one was $2 and the medium was $1.
i instantly started to look for candles that would fit my hurricanes. and i like how the candle fit in the medium one…but something was off about the big one.

what i came up with was this.
decorative balls… oh yes i did, because i’m obsessed enamored with them right now. (can’t you tell?)
before you know it i’ll be making earrings, or putting some in katie’s hairbows.

okay maybe not.

other things that i might put in there with change of seasons would be oranges, lemons, limes, mini pumpkins, christmas balls… and so forth.

i like how it gives my eyes texture to look at.
oh and do i dare say it?
i think these are starting to get me in the mood for fall!
just a little bit.

shh don’t tell summer.